On November 2-4, National YWCA and the Branch jointly held an annual workshop on the theme of “To be a healthy, happy and environmentally friendly young woman.”

Volunteers and officers of the chapters successfully completed various activities through the courses and short-time practice, fully demonstrating the strong cohesion and enthusiasm of the YWCA. With a lecture given by President Shu-ti Chiu of the Yilan Branch, we got a better understanding of the current situation and international trends of aging, and let participants reflect on the direction of ministry services. After PresidentChun-Feng Lin gave a lesson, we knew more about the cohesion of the group. Following the three-day event, YWCA staff was energized to continue serving women and families across the nation.

Next year’s seminar will be co-organized with the Yilan Branch. We will reunite in Yilan next year.

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President Linda Chang Deng, Board Pauline Lin, Board Rachel Chiang, and General Secretary Ping Lee went to Yunlin Memory COOL and participated in the YWCA founding congress on October 27 in the blessed sunny and breezy weather.

During the meeting, members sincerely provided valuable local opinions and exchanged ideas, from which we could see Yunlin women’s service enthusiasm. It is hoped that under the leadership of President Mei-man Chen-Wu, the Yunlin branch would provide YWCA services throughout the region.

It was a great honor for us to invite Mimi Han, Vice President of the World YWCA to Taiwan on October 23-27 to attend the activities of government agencies, to meet with the directors and supervisors of the Association, and Taichung and Nantou branch, and to have a discussion with our young women on the afternoon of October 26.

On the afternoon of October 26, Mimi Han brought wisdom and positive energy to YWCA young women. Through the introduction by President Linda Chang Deng, we knew more about her rich experience. Through Board Pei-chen, Kao translation, young women could better understand what Mimi Han was trying to convey.

Attendees learned from the female entrepreneur/vice-president’s rich and valuable experience of life. Every participant listened attentively to the symposium, assimilating valuable knowledge.




理事長 張令達
第一副理事長 商大暐
第二副理事長 郭婕
常務理事 王念慈、張浣芸
理事 王如玄、汪苓坤、朱張蓓蒂、張瓊枝、馬腊梅、陳藹玲、蔡文怡、


常務監事 饒瑞瑛
監事 李芳惠、邱田琍琍、劉怜君、呂林春惠