New immigrant sisters visited YWCA of Taiwan during 2019 Lunar New Year holiday

On February 17, YWCA of Taiwan invited new immigrant families to participate in the Lunar New Year holiday activities, in which 140 people spent the time happily together.

YWCA of Taiwan cooperated with the Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Fund in conducting this event to convey our maternal warmth and love to the new immigrant sisters.  The event had been carrying out for eight years. This year, we reviewed our past achievements, while the new immigrant sisters shared their changes after joining the YWCA movement and the photos about their parental home and performed on the stage, along with raffles and other activities.

On the event, the Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Fund presidents’ Kuang-chin Ting and Kuang-I Ting, president of Taiwan YWCA Linda Chang Deng and vice president Margaret Jip Kuo, National Immigration Agency of the Ministry of the Interior senior executive officer Ming-fang Lee and division chief Chin-man Yang, Taipei Immigrants Service Center director Ling-yu Huang and inspector Hsiang-feng Hung, and executive officer of Taipei Civil Affairs Department Chung-hsin Wu also showed up to celebrate, with an attendance of nearly 140.

On that day, we offered plenty of delicacies food, the Fund distributed chocolates, and the Immigration Agency gave out travel bags. Besides, we arranged for new immigrants to share the warm stories behind the photos about their family of orientation. Through the discussion, we made it understood the help of YWCA activities to the new immigrants. With the performances, we found the talents of the new immigrants and their children. We saw their broad smiles amid rapturous applause from the audience. In that afternoon, we were happy together like a family.