Workshop on volunteer and officer training

On November 2-4, National YWCA and the Branch jointly held an annual workshop on the theme of “To be a healthy, happy and environmentally friendly young woman.”

Volunteers and officers of the chapters successfully completed various activities through the courses and short-time practice, fully demonstrating the strong cohesion and enthusiasm of the YWCA. With a lecture given by President Shu-ti Chiu of the Yilan Branch, we got a better understanding of the current situation and international trends of aging, and let participants reflect on the direction of ministry services. After PresidentChun-Feng Lin gave a lesson, we knew more about the cohesion of the group. Following the three-day event, YWCA staff was energized to continue serving women and families across the nation.

Next year’s seminar will be co-organized with the Yilan Branch. We will reunite in Yilan next year.

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