ROC YWCA has long, continuous support international women’s living conditions in Taiwan, concerned about the basic human rights of foreign women in Taiwan, the physical and psychological adaptation, legal rights, life development.

1997 will go to Vietnam to assist local women’s recovery was established YWCA, Women Ho Chi Minh City was commissioned by the chairman of assisting spouses in Vietnam to settle in Taiwan, will commence this current situation and to help care for new immigrants that they face the problem.


National Association on a new role as immigration issues :

(1) Assisting and counseling services around the club forward the new immigration ministry, and do research related to the investigation of new immigrants

(2) Promoting the importance of the government issues new immigrants, for the current demand, with innovative services.

(3) In collaboration with other non-profit organizations of initiative and other issues.


The YWCA constantly explore new service immigrants direction and as, from life to adapt classes, literacy classes, locomotive test according to class, health care, legal services, personal safety lectures abroad seed teacher training, all new immigrants stakeholders we are all trying to promote, promote, and now YWCA National Association accepted the Taipei City Government Bureau of Social Affairs  commissioned the establishment of the Taipei City East / West new immigrant community care stronghold service new immigrants, individuals and families.


Service introduction

Taipei City East / West new immigrant community care stronghold


Introduction stronghold

103 years since the Council accepted the Taipei City Government Bureau of Social Affairs commissioned to handle Taipei East / West new immigrant community care stronghold, with active care visits, the implementation of welfare to the ground, thus enabling new migrants and their families to better assist you.


Service Content

(1) Advisory services: providing welfare information inquiries, to meet individual needs.

(2) Care visit service: by telephone care, home visits, care for new immigrants living in Taiwan.

(3) New immigrant family support services program: for a wealth of activities, lectures and other groups to promote the link between family members, and the ability to develop new immigrants.

(4) Community advocacy: for multicultural advocacy, promotion of community public understanding and awareness of the new immigrants.

(5) Volunteer Empowerment: Encourage, welcome new immigrants and the general public joins in the ranks of the new immigrant services.

(6) Exchange Corner: sitting area has books, for new immigrants to come to rest and exchange.


Service Objects

Western stronghold: Zhongzheng District, Wanhua District, Datong District

Eastern stronghold: Neihu District, Songshan District, South District


Service hours

Tuesday to Saturday 08: 30-17: 30