In recent years, social promotion and to promote gender mainstreaming, to break past the traditional framework, so that gradually the active participation of women in all fields, in a competitive global trend, the Council is committed to develop the talents of young women, training women independent, active participation the ability to advocate for young women due to space leadership, vision and let the world simultaneously.

Empowerment through training, type of book club, columns, seminars, workshops, etc., into the thinking of the concept of gender, the use of resource sharing, network link, and the global opportunities for regional policy decisions of the ways in which young women have to face challenges pluralistic society, environment brought about, and practical action to respond to the community. For example Penghu YWCA organized a monthly book club, active women’s thinking and view from the sharing and discussion.


Established in 2013 YWCA ITI (International Training Institute) as an interactive platform for young women, the idea of ​​bringing together young women, young women Akira equity culture can play a female strength and leadership of collective cooperation. Quarterly focus on different issues of citizens, to enhance the young women to think for themselves and sensitivity to the issues facing each, and through real social participation, expression of concern, looking young women at the YWCA Empowerment cultivating robust and can stand on the world stage female vocal.