YWCA is a worldwide Christian nonprofit organization, the spirit of God so loved the world assert sovereignty of women around the world, providing equity, freedom, justice, non-violence and to have a life of dignity. YWCA National Association to actively participate in the “prayer” and other religious activities “World Prayer Day” and “World Prayer Week”, held annually, with devout prayer to respond to the world’s needs and expectations.


“World Prayer Day” is a universal movement of Christian women, women from different countries, regardless of culture, race, tradition, gender, age, on the first Friday in March each year held simultaneously around the joint worship, prayer chain in response to global reach.

“World Prayer Week” for the YWCA (YWCA) and the YMCA (YMCA) held a week-long member of the movement in November each year. To follow the example of Christ, the spirit of love of the people, men and women YMCA to host the World Prayer Week worship early joint prayer session, whereby the intercession for all mankind, access to new life force. Prayer Week every year initiates a different theme, from the YMCA, YWCA through concrete actions relating to the practice of love, so that each member actively involved.

“Prayer” by the National Association of directors and supervisors gathered monthly YWCA clubs need to develop the ministry to intercede for the purpose to serve the people, Lord, grant success, spread infinite love of Christ, the glory of Christ .