ROC YWCA Association is an international women’s organization, women’s gathering strength, to build a fair and just environment. We have actively participated in the World YWCA for many years, in expanding the national diplomatic spare no effort to maintain our position in the world close YWCA, by international arena to strengthen communication and links between the international NGO, to establish friendship with other countries on behalf of also invited to visit through the promotion of international women leaders of women’s human rights awareness in Taiwan. In addition, the Association is committed to enhancing women’s ability to cultivate women leaders, elected States outstanding women in international training or meetings, whereby women from different cultural and ethnic ties together and share their valuable experiences and views of women and therefore have the ability to respond to critical countries today the issues have a perfect and worthy of life.


National Association to participate in the meeting is as follows:

1.The Conference of World Association (World YWCA Council Meeting)

World YWCA for World Congress held every four years (World YWCA in different regions, countries

Council Meeting), pushed by the States represented by observers and develop policies for the global women’s rights, set the next four years working target. This Council since 1987, joined the World YWCA, and actively participates in training of international talent. Li Ping, the Secretary-General was appointed in 2012 as “World Association Vision 2035 global ambassadors” began with countries from the global YWCA leaders, experts, scholars and NPO leaders started discussions with the conversation, in order to create a common sustainable YWCA movement .


2.International Conference

  • YWCA Asia Regional Meeting
  • Macao Women’s League (The Women’s General Association of Macau)
  • Federation of Asia-Pacific Women’s Associations (FAWA)
  • The General Federation of Women’s Club (GFWC)
  • International Council of Women (ICW)
  • Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)
  • Women Violence force meeting (VAW)
  • World Day of Prayer International Committee


In addition, in order to promote the sharing and exchange of experiences and the World YWCA, the National Association and the visiting foreign guests around the world, close two-way interaction and topics for discussion, bring out a new view in the discussion, and the macro vision for women welfare inject new strength.