Visit by Vice-president of World YWCA

It was a great honor for us to invite Mimi Han, Vice President of the World YWCA to Taiwan on October 23-27 to attend the activities of government agencies, to meet with the directors and supervisors of the Association, and Taichung and Nantou branch, and to have a discussion with our young women on the afternoon of October 26.

On the afternoon of October 26, Mimi Han brought wisdom and positive energy to YWCA young women. Through the introduction by President Linda Chang Deng, we knew more about her rich experience. Through Board Pei-chen, Kao translation, young women could better understand what Mimi Han was trying to convey.

Attendees learned from the female entrepreneur/vice-president’s rich and valuable experience of life. Every participant listened attentively to the symposium, assimilating valuable knowledge.